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In the year 2001, King Glass started as one of the earliest architectural and shower glass suppliers in China. Over the past 23 years King Glass smartly captured and utilized the ever-growing manufacture capabilities and ever fulfilling technologies in China. Today, over thousands of buildings across four continents are the strongest testimony to our core strength.

As a dedicated supplier in the industry, we are passionate about our role to assist our clients worldwide by providing prompt response, comprehensive quality plan and on-time delivery


Why King Glass

From residential to business and commercial building projects,King Glass creates endless possibilities for all architectural glass needs.
By providing customized glass panels, reliable supply as well as research and experiment,King Glass spare no effort to achieve architect’s
design intentions and meet budgetary and engineering needs.

Our Process


Pre-supply Consultation

Through King Glass you will get access to wide range of products. It is our specialty to introduce and recommend the product that best suits your specific projects in terms of performance, appearance, and supply availability. With deep understanding and up-to-date information in the industry we are able to help our clients to locate the most suitable product and configurations and at the same time meet budgetary needs. Components and special quality requirements will also be discussed in this stage to ensure the product will be in full compliance with the specifications.

Sample Submission

Once the product and configuration is selected we will enter the next phase of sample submission. King Glass understands that the visual appearance is the key factor that brings design intentions into reality. The free samples we provided will be manufactured in line with the design specification in terms of heat treatment, edge treatments and sealant requirement and demonstrates visually to the client of what they are anticipating.

Glass Delivery and Quality Assurance

Throughout the production stage, our quality team and the project management team will work closely to monitor the progress of the production and provide regular report on status and quality. Our QA team will be at the production line to control critical production processes to ensure best quality and on time delivery. On loading dates our staff will be monitoring the loading scene to make sure that the goods are securely loaded in order to minimize the risk during transportation.

After Sales Service

King Glass keeps a comprehensive record of project that we have supplied. With over half of our staff working with us for over 15 years, replacing existing glass can be made very easy and prompt.
Also equipped with rich experience and knowledge in the industry our staff will be more than happy to answer all sorts of technical queries from our clients.

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