Office Building

Digital Habour

Glass Products:13.52mm Super grey lam.24mm Supergrey DGU Total Area:4000 m2

538 Burke St

6mm CSG clear glass Heat Strengthened + 12mm Airspace Black Spacer as approved and Dow Corning 3362 structural sealant +6mm Mistelite Heat Strengthened with pattern #3 and Ceramic Frit #4,color:Patone 477C

Luna Apartments & Elenberg Fraser

Custom manufactured, Light Blush coloured, Low-E Insulating Glass with complimentary glass bends.

111 Egal Street

10mm clear glass heat strengthened+1.90mm clear PVB+10mm clear glass heat strengthened. Arrised all edges. Total Area:28000 m2

Yokogawa Denki

Project Name:Yokogawa Denki Location:Tokyo, Japan 6mm Sunergy clear H/S+9mm Air+10mm clear H/S

Toyota Head office in Melbourne

Adelaide Australia Glass Products:Laminated Double glazed unit with frit and Low-e Glass Total Area:5000 m2

107th Street Annex

A 10-story, 20,000 square foot building is planned for the orner of 107th Street and 104th Avenue.

480 Queen Street Podium Glass

6mm crystal grey glass heat strengthened with Low-E#2+12mm Air +11.52mm clear laminated glass heat strengthened.

Fenix Tower

Glass Products:6mm. blue reflective XPA 114 H/S + 12mm. A/S + 6mm. clear annealed 6mm. Blue reflective XPA 114 H/S


Velex in Japan Products:Spider fittings; SS beam

Tokyo Mid Town

Location:Tokyo, Japan Glass Products:15&19&22&mm clear annealed+0.76mm clear PVB+15&22mm clear annealed

My 80 Apartments – 410 Elizabeth St

6mm Grey + 9mm Air + 8mm Clear DGU • 6mm Grey + 9mm Air + 8.38 Clear DGU • Approx QTY: 9000SQM

Dandenong government services office

The building harvests rainwater which is stored in a 40,000L tank for use in amenities flushing and landscaping irrigation. Fire testing water drains down into a 6,000L tank for reuse.

Westfields Sydney

12mm clear glass heat strengthened+1.95mm XIR (72-47)+6mm clear glass heat strengthened+2.28mm SGP film+6mm Planibel G heat strengthened.Low-e#6. Arrised and polished edges.

Grand Center Point Thonglor – Glass fins

Golden laminated glass fin with double solar reflective coatings

Gore Hill

6mm Clear Heat Strengthened Low-E + 12mm Air + 11.14mm Clear Heat Strengthened Laminated

161 Castlereagh Street Podium/ Shopfront

Laminated Low Iron Glass with Multi-Colored Ceramic Frit Laminated Low Iron Glass with Translucent PVB