Hotels & Apartments

480 Queen Street Podium Glass

6mm crystal grey glass heat strengthened with Low-E#2+12mm Air +11.52mm clear laminated glass heat strengthened.

Sentinel Apartment

Sentinel Apartments is located in the heart of the Belconnen Town Centre.

Mainpoint Apartments

42 level tower; 350 apartments; 1, 2 and 3 bedroom floor plans; 9 levels of car parking; concierge; heated indoor pool; gymnasium



One Central Park Shopfront

Low-Iron/ Low-E Laminate Jumbo Sized Panel Shaped/ Stepped Glass Total Area:10000 m2

Roynet Hotel . Japan

8mm clear tempered heat soaked with dot ceramic pattern #2 , +1.14mm clear PVB+0.38mm milky white PVB+8mm clear tempered heat soaked with dot ceramic pattern on #4

Hill house

6mm clear tempered+0.76mm clear PVB+6mm clear tempered

Hilton Hotel

15.52mm tempered laminated 15mm Low iron tempered, 24mm H/S DGU with Low-e, 17.14mm laminated with Amber color PVB

Star City Casino

12mm clear glass curved heat strengthed+2.28mm clear PVB+12mm clear glass curved tempered and heat soaked.Arrised and polished all edges.

Millennium Hotel

8mm Clear Glass with Silver Grey Reflective Coating, Coating on Surface #2, Heat Strengthened + 1.14mm Clear PVB + 8mm Clear Glass Heat Strengthened

Musashi Kosugi Mansion

5mm clear H/S with ceramic+1.14mm clear PVB+5&6mm clear H/S Total 14 different ceramic colors are applied for this job

Epic Apartment – Balustrade Glass

12mm Ultra-clear glass balustrade with Shoji white ceramic colorback 12mm double acid etch balustrading

Hiltion Pattaya

8mm clear glass tempered without heat soaked + 15mm Air Space (structure sealant 10mm+/-2mm ,black color frame) + 6mm clear glass tempered without heat soaked

Wagga Aquatic Center

8mm H/S, 10mm H/S, 13.14mm H/S laminated with Low-e

Sumitomo Fudosan Sangenijaya

6mm Clear Glass Annealed + 0.38mm Milky White PVB + 6mm Clear Glass Annealed. 6mm Clear Glass Annealed + 0.38mm Clear PVB + 6mm Clear Glass Annealed.

Royal orchid Shereato Hotel

6mm Clear Glass Heat Strengthened with Soft Coat Low-E on Surface 2 + 12mm Air Space (with Black Spacer, Structure Sealant 10mm+/-2mm) + 6mm Clear Glass Heat Strengthened.

Yarra St – Punthill Apartments Hotels South Yarra Grand

Location:Melbourne Australia Glass Products:4mm clear glass H/S + 0.38 milky white PVB + 0.38 clear PVB + 5mm Sunguard Advantage H/S, Low-e on surface #4,polished edges.

Panorama, Crows Nest, Sydney

The apartments will be of a premium quality with medium to high end finishes with the added bonus of magnificent Sydney harbour views.