King Glass Production Facilities

Our factory is one of the outstanding enterprise in the field of Glass in China, which specialize in the processing of architectural glass, sanitary bathroom glass and furniture glass . Our company occupy an area exceeding 50,000 square meters and own the 25.000 square modem workshop. For the complete establishment of glass processing and introduction of the equipments from Europe, Our technincal level is accordant with the intemational one now

With over 1000 employees and owning to the long experience in glass processing,management and technic innovation, we build up a high efficient teamwork. The product we made not only serve the domestic customers but also world oriented,such as North Americe.Europe, Oceania and Southeast Asia, ect Our persistent management spirit is to fulfill the requirement of customers and achieve the double win of both everntually.

This cutting-edge Coating Line is manufactured by the worlds most famous coating line producer Von Ardenne. This equipment is capable of producing solar reflective coating and high performance Low-E coating. Also a infrare-red inspection device is built at the end of the production line to automatically check for defects on the coating surface.

Max Dimension: 2570mm X 6000 mm

Commissioning Date: 2011-10

【Dip】 超大打印01_1

Dip-Tech digital ceramic printers are the most advanced and versatile glass printing machines; ideal for both external and internal architectural and transportation glass print applications. Fully compatible with Dip-Tech’s digital ceramic inks and unique image processing software, these high-tech printers go far beyond the capabilities of traditional screen and UV glass printing; providing you with more business opportunities, more flexibility, and more quality.

TAMGLASS Double Chamber Tempering Line

Equipped with the world’s most advanced dual convection tempering line Tamglass ProE. King Glass is able to achieve better quality on the surface of a tempered glass with less edge kink and reduced roller waves.

Maximum dimension:
2460*6000 THK: 4mm-19mm
Commissioning Date: 2011-10

LISEC DGU Production Line

LISEC DGU lines – one of the most advanced automatic DUG production machine. Equipped with dust-free double glazing workshop and automatic structural sealant applying machine. This machine is also capable of processing shaped DGU and online filling of inert gases.

Commissioning Date: 2011-8

laminated glass out of the room ready for autoclaving

Class 10000’ dust free laminating workshop

Processing Condition

Humidity:  22%±2%
Air Pressure: 0.6~0.8MPa

Our Production Line

Production Line QTY Manufacturer Production Capability Commissioning Date
Fully Automatic Cutting Table 4 BYSTRONIC
Double Chamber Tempering Line 2 TAMGLASS Max: 2440×6000 March 2011
Min: 300×400
Reflective and Low-E Coating Line 2 VON ARDENNE Max: 2540×7000 March 2011
Min: 300×1000
THK: 3-19mm
IGU Lines 7 LISEC Max: 2600×5000 March 2011
Laminated Glass Production Line 1 Max: 2440*8000 March 2011
Min: 300×300
Enameled Glass Production Line 1 Max:2440×5500 March 2011
Item Quality Defect Product Acceptable Standard




Heat Strengthened(T≤10mm) 24-45MPa
Tempered ≥70MPa
Tempered/ Heat Soaked ≥70MPa


5,6,8,10,12mm 40/50mm x 50mm
Roller Wave T≤10mm <0.2mm
Edge kink T≤10mm <0.2mm
Bow ≤0.20%(2mm/1000mm)
Item Quality Defect Product Acceptance Standard
Debris Debris Any object inside the IGU visible at 3m is not permitted.
Dew Point Test ≤-40℃




Edge irregularity L<2000mm 1.5mm
L≥2000mm 2.0mm
Edge Deletion All Low-E coatings to be edge deleted
Sight Line ±2.0mm
PIB PIB Seal Width



PIB width≥4mm
Positioning Over Sight Line:  2.0mm
Over Edge Deletion  2mm
Double seal


Seal depth As per contract
Edge ±3.0mm
Center ±2.0mm
Voids No voids or spaces between PIB &

Silicone visible at 500mm

Mix Silicone must be mixed evenly, no air

bubbles no streaking

Spacer No oil, grease or dust. No kinks. No surface damage
Spacer bar must butt together cleanly at the midpoint of the straight connector. Joint must sealed to make an air tight, rigid join.
Fabrication Size Limit
Tempered / Heat Strengthened Glass
Equipment Max.processing sizes (mm)  Min. processing sizes (mm) Thickess (mm)  Min.Radius (mm)
Tempered glass furnace Ⅰ 2450 X 12000 250 X 200 3-25mm
Tempered glass furnace II 3000 X 7800 250 X 200 3-25mm
Tempered glass furnace Ⅲ 3400 X 7000 250 X 200 3-25mm
Curved Tempered glass furnace 3000 X 4700 600 X 300 3-25mm
Heat soaking test furnace 3200 X 1200 250 X 200 3-25mm R≥1150mm
Laminated Glass
Equipment Max.processing sizes (mm)  Min. processing sizes (mm) Thickess (mm) Interlayer Types
Laminating Autoclave 3300 X 18000 50 X 50 6.38-200mm Clear PVB,Colored PVB        SGP, XIR Film                    EN/EVA/PU, Sound Reduction
Insulated Glass
Equipment Max.processing sizes (mm)  Min. processing sizes (mm) Spacers (mm) Gas available
Automatic IGU line 2700 X 5000 50 X 50 6,9,12,15,16,19,25 Aluminum, Stainless steel and  Warm edge spaces Air, Argon, Krypton
Heat Curved/Bent Glass
Max.processing sizes (mm)  Min. processing sizes (mm)  Thickness (mm) ARC (mm) Max. Curve Degree
3000 X 5200 300 X 300 3-25mm
Ceramic Frit Glass
Equipment Max.processing sizes (mm)  Min. processing sizes (mm) Frit Colors Frit Patterns
Silkscreen printing line 3100 X 6000 300-200mm As per order As per order
Digital Printed frit Glass
Equipment Max.processing sizes (mm)  Min. processing sizes (mm) Frit Colors Frit Patterns
Automatic Digital Printing line 2800 X 4000 300-200mm As per order As per order
Soft Coated low-e Glass
Max.processing sizes (mm) Min.processing sizes (mm)  Thickness (mm) Coating Types
2540 X 7000 300 X 800 3-15mm Single Silver low-e                                                                                                                                              Double Silver low-e                                                                                                                                             Solar Reflective coating